Tangawizi Cooking Class Zanzibar with spice tour

Zanzibar culinary farm classes are available 24/5, book now!                    Spices in Zanzibar have been consumed far back as 2600BC, spices have got various uses, there is documentation of the Egyptians feeding spices obtained from Asia to employees building the great pyramid of Cheops, to give them strength, spices are medicines too. 

Tangawizi Cooking Class gives you opportunity of learning cooking with spices but before cooking class we visit Stone town market for tour and shopping all together the same day you will be guided in the spice farm by our friendly spice tour guide to get the experience and learn on uses and benefits of spices . The spice tour is 1-1.5 hrs  On this excursion you will find tropical fruits, spices, herbs and other exotic species of plants, spice tour in Zanzibar is your opportunity to learn and prove why Zanzibar is regarded as Spice island,  after your Zanzibar spice tour the guide escort you to our typical Zanzibar traditional kitchen to enjoy authentic Zanzibar  cooking class  with meals at the end of class.

Zanzibar spice farm cooking class is one of the unique cooking in Zanzibar , Transport is local bus (Daladala) , it gives you insight of Zanzibar people how they travel, its different from other parts in the World.

Tour starts at 9.30am till 2.00 Or from 2.30am till 6.30pm

.Price is per person is reasonable one!

 1 person -$40

2-4 persons $35 

Deposit farm cooking
Super Zanzibar Cooking Experience in the farm local kitchen, around the kitchen's location you can observe many things which can amaze you from running chicken, kids playing outside, people working in their farms and many more.
Its our pleasure to give you Zanzibar cultural insight in the farm's home kitchen.