Cooking Class Zanzibar


Cooking Class Zanzibar Tanzania

Eva Freitag
Vienna, Austria
 "Shara and her family gave me the most relaxing afternoon in her backyard and the most precious gift which one can get from zanzibar. We were cooking and eating a feast swahili meal and learning to know each other and our life story. it was very very very nice. if one day you plan to understand Zanzibar traditional don't waste your time just book this enjoyble cooking experience"       

Kate Kraft
 Johannesburg, South Africa                                       
Tangawizi bistro's manager welcomed me and my friend into her home and cooked us a delicious meal which we shared with her and  daughters by the light of a flashlight. Shara gave me a viewpoint and snapshot into what Zanzibar culture is and has been that I do not think that I could have gotten anywhere else. She is a generous and intelligent woman and I am very grateful for her time and care."

From:Tania Croft (USA)  

From Saide Khan (Karachi) "I was very happy to do my cooking class in the spice farm Zanzibar (Tangawizi Bistro), I cooked ugali and fish curry, was wonderful time I had in the farm.. I knew most of spices when I was there, the thing which amazed me was the way they were cooking on the floor, it has been very traditional welcoming day , it ws amazing also how they manged to peel vegetable on their palms" Was great experience!!

From Sandy USA                                                                                                                                                                                     "Shara, Thank you so very much for the recipes.  Mark and I are so pleased to have them.  We so enjoyed our time with you while in Zanzibar.  Our whole trip to Tanzania was wonderful including our days in Zanzibar.  We will share our experiences with our friends and hopefully send more people your way.  We wish you well in all your endeavors.

Best regards,

Sandy Auburn"

From Gloria Of Florida USA 9th July 2013    "Asante sana and shokran.  We had a memorable experience, enhanced by the daladala ride.  We had been told the class would be
somewhere in Stonetown so we were surprised to go into the country.  Our fellow group envied the experience and thought we were very brave.  You both and Godfrey took very good care of us so it was hakuna matata.  I will look for plantains today for the pudding and will probably make the fish dish with thin sliced chicken.  We live in Colorado, 2800km from the Atlantic Ocean and 1700km from the Pacific so our fish supply is not always reliable. 
We enjoyed meeting you all and the delicious food you prepared.  We had a very memorable morning.

From  Jami
"Hi  Shara! Thanks so much for the great recipes. I'm going to try this one tonight actually. I just arrived back to my home from traveling and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class. I had an amazing time and cannot comment highly enough. I am more than happy to leave great reviews and I'll send you a link once I post a review for you. I ended up buying a recipe book in Zanzibar because I liked your style of cooking so much. You might want to consider adding that as an option because I think people would be interested. I know myself and the couple in the class with me would have both purchased a cook book.
Have a wonderful day and thank you again for everything ".
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