Cooking Class Zanzibar

Paje Cooking Class Zanzibar , come and enjoy this!

The market in Paje is not traditional anymore but we can do shopping for all your ingredients for your cooking class in town, let's know if you are allergic to something or you dislike some ingredients. 
Fast before cooking class, yummy meals is for you after class. Don't miss cooking class if you are in Paje, you will thank me later.

Class starts at 10.30 and finish at 1.30pm (cooking class with lunch). Price includes ingredients, transfers within Paje, learning of four dishes, bottled water, we send email with recipes after class.

1 pax $50

2 pax per person $40

3 -5pax per person $30 

6-10 per person $20

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Stone town cooking class can be combined with stone town tour which provide wide information on history and culture of Zanzibar people.
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