Paje Cooking Class Zanzibar

Are you in  Paje East Coast Zanzibar or Jambiani?

You wonder where you can learn and eat authentic Zanzibar dishes, Tangawizi cooking class helps people to get to know culture of Zanzibar people through cooking class, we have hygienically, clean kitchen at Paje. 

Paje is surrounded with various marine activities, you can also add Zanzibar cooking class to highlight your holiday activities. When you finish your cooking class we send you recipes.

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Price includes transfers from Paje Round about and to your Paje/Bwejuu hotel (our meeting point is Paje Round about)

Paje Cooking class starts at 10.30 and finish at 1.30pm (cooking class with lunch).

1 pax $55

2 pax per person $40

3 -5pax per person $30 

Our other cooking tours :
Stone Town Cooking Class
Stone town cooking class can be combined with stone town tour which provide wide information on history and culture of Zanzibar people.
Farm Cooking class, this one you get the bonus of spice tour .