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Prison Island And Pange SunsetCRUISE

Prison Island and Pange  beach for sunset Full day trip 

This full-day tour includes From relaxing on the white sands of the Pange Sandbank to snorkeling for tropical fish and eating seafood buffet.!

In the morning, we embark the dhow and sail towards Prison Island. There, you will enjoy a guided tour of a prison built for “disloyal slaves”, visit with giant Aldabra tortoises and snorkel with a guide to view the stunning array of coral and tropical fish that surround the island.

And then sail to Pange Sandbank, a beautiful patch of white sand surrounded by turquoise waters. you can relax under the shade or swim in the warm water of the Indian Ocean. All that activity sure builds an appetite! For lunch of seafood served with a cool, crisp beer and other refreshing beverages. After lunch, snorkel among Clown fish and Moorish Idols or simply take a walk around the sandbank to witness the birdlife. By the time we set sail to town after sunset, guests will have enjoyed one of their favorite days in Zanzibar!

09:30 - We meet at the original Dhow Safaris Forodhani departure point before boarding our dhow.
09:45 - We meet the crew and will be observing a safety briefing before setting sail toward the Prison Island.
10:30 - We arrive at the island. Then we tour the historic prison and visit the giant tortoises while snorkeling around.
12:00 - We hop on board the dhow to sail toward Pange Sandbank.
13:00 - BBQ Seafood Lunch will be prepared for private or group, we pack a delicious picnic basket! Meals are served at tables under a beautiful tent made of heavy cotton cloth sails. After lunch, You shall snorkel in and out of the colorful Pange Reef and swim around the island.

You will end your day with Romantic Sunset Cruise. sunset cruise begins when you board a dhow at a nearby beach. Price depends on the number of people, starts from $160 for 2pax the whole day.
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